Quake-hit Gorkha Dubar opens to devotees from today

GORKHA: The Gorakhkali Temple in the premises of historical Gorkha Dubar has been opened to the public from today after remaining closed after the April 25 devastating earthquake.

Earlier, entry of the visitors and devotees was prohibited citing insecurity.

Chief of Durbar Management Committee Ganesh Bhattarai said that the temple was opened for public after the maintenance of Gorakhnath Temple, Kalika Temple, Gorkha Durbar and the walls.

Bhattarai added that the temple was repaired by using Rs 2.5 million allocated by the Department of Archeology. Many parts of the Gorakhkali Temple were damaged after the deadly quake.

Bhattarai said that millions of amount was needed for the entire management and maintenance of the Durbar region. More than 300 devotees visit the temple everyday for offering Pooja.