Moderate ML 5.5 aftershock shakes central Nepal; shockwaves reach up to Bihar

KATHMANDU: The National Seismological Centre said it recorded a moderate aftershock of the April 25 earthquake at 10:05 pm on Friday evening. It was of local magnitude 5.5, according to the NSC.

The epicentre of the moderate tremor was in Sindhupalchok district, north of the Kathmandu Valley and close to Tibet.

The NSC's preliminary report showed the tremor originated at a location with coordinates 27.980N and 85.530E. This shows the epicentre lied between Ichok, Ghyangphedi and Helambu villages in Sindhupalchok district.

The US Geological Survey, on the other hand, put the magnitude at 5.2 ,and said the epicentre was at a location with coordinates 27.840 °N, 85.249 °E. The USGS said its depth was 25.9 km.

It was the 429th significant aftershock (of or above local magnitude 4.0) since the devastating ML 7.6 earthquake. Among the aftershocks of the April 25 quake, today's was the greatest since the local magnitude 5.5 tremor hit Dolakha on May 16, 2015.

It was the first aftershock above local magnitude 5.0 since November 19 last year.

The shaking was felt in different districts of central and western Nepal as far as Kaski district. Indian media reported that the shockwaves were felt in the Indian state of Bihar also.

The evening aftershock was strong enough to force many locals who had already gone to bed to come out of their houses onto open grounds and roads.

Damage and casualty caused by it, if any, were not immediately known.

The last significant aftershock was recorded at 8:42 pm on January 27, also in Sindhupalchok district. It was of local magnitude 4.4.

The NSC had recorded a fresh earthquake in Siraha district on the same day. The light tremor of local magnitude 4.2 was not listed as an aftershock of the April 25 eathquake.



Quake shakes Kathmandu; Epicentre, magnitude immediately unknown

KATHMANDU: An earthquake was felt in Kathmandu at around 10:05 on Friday night.

Epicentre and magnitude are not immediately known. Neither is it clear if it was an aftershock of the April 25 earthquake last year or a fresh tremor.

Some Twitter users posted that the quake was felt in Pokhara also.

Some international websites reported that the epicentre was near Langtang village of Rasuwa and the magnitude was 5.1-5.2.