The Meteorological Forecasting Division has shared that cumulonimbus clouds that could cause lightning and thundershowers are developing in the areas surrounding Sudur Pashchim, and Gandaki Provinces and are gradually shifting eastward.

Hence, the division has requested people in the area to take follow precautionary measures.

The overall weather in the country at present is partly to generally cloudy in the hilly regions and partly cloudy in remaining areas, with chances of isolated brief rain or thundershowers possible at a few places of the hilly region towards the afternoon.

Similarly, the weather tonight will remain partly cloudy in the hilly regions and mainly fair in rest of Nepal with possible rain or thundershowers in few areas of the hilly regions.

On Thursday, the partly to generally cloudy system will prevail in hilly regions while the remaining areas will maintain a fair weather. The system will turn with the possibility of rain accompanied by thunderstorms and lightning on Thursday afternoon in hilly regions of Gandaki, Bagmati provinces, and Province 1.

Similarly, Thursday night has been forecast to be partly cloudy in the hilly areas and fair in the remaining parts while hilly regions of Province 1 will continue to receive rain in moderation.

On Friday, the system will shift to Province 2 and other hilly areas of the country.

The Pre-Monsoon Season commenced on March 1 in the country. The Winter season this year hadn't received as much rainfall as expected.