KATHMANDU: The Meteorological Forecasting Division has predicted rain and snowfall in different parts of the country from Tuesday evening.

Meteorologist Shanti Kandel said that most parts of the country would remain partly to fully cloudy today resulting in moderate snowfall in the high hills and mountain regions while light rain will occur in the western hills.

She said that most parts in the country including Kathmandu Valley would witness light rain whilst the high hills and Himalayan belt will receive snowfall on Wednesday and Thursday.

The effects of the westerly wind would prevail till Saturday.

The western, central and eastern hilly regions would remain partly cloudy. Meanwhile, the high hills and mountainous region would receive moderate snowfall tonight and tomorrow.

The Division also forecast slight rain in one or two places of the central and eastern regions of the country.

Likewise, the weather will be partially to generally cloudy throughout the country with the chances of moderate to heavy snowfall in the high hilly and mountainous regions of the country, the Division said.