Rana calls DDC officials to get ready for general polls

Electronic media ordinance ‘on anvil’

Mahottari, March 20:

Spokesperson for the government and Minister of State for Information and Communications, Shrish Shumsher Rana, today said the government will comment on the dialogue taking place between the Maoists and leaders of the political parties in New Delhi at an opportune time and only if it is felt necessary.

“The government will focus on addressing the State’s concern only,” Rana said at a press meet organised in Jaleshwor today. Earlier, addressing a meeting, he directed the officials of the District Development Committee and municipality to make preparations for parliamentary elections.

“There has been an improvement in peace and security situation in the country after the February 1 royal takeover,” he claimed. Calling on the people to unite and render the movement of political parties a failure, he said the damages caused during the people’s endeavours will be compensated.

Responding to a query about media ordinance, Rana said: “As the electronic media is not within the ambit of the Information and Communication Ministry, a new and improved ordinance will be drafted within three months to introduce new laws and make the media sector more disciplined and well-managed.” The new ordinance will transform the Press Council into Media Council, Rana further said, adding that a former judge will be appointed as the chairman of the new council.

Terming the Maoist-called blockade a total failure, Rana also accused the Maoists of using the civil society, journalists, human right activists and political parties to cover their failure.

Rana said the Maoists had to withdraw their blockade earlier because of the peoples’ defiance.

Earlier, Rana had visited the offices of Nepal Television, Nepal Telecommunications and the Post Office.