RPP-N Chair Thapa criticises government

Jhapa, December 7

Rastriya Prajatantra Party-Nepal Chairperson Kamal Thapa has criticised the government for hosting a programme organised by an organisation promoting Christianity.

“The government splurged millions of rupees to promote one religious faith, which is unfortunate and has apparently hurt the sentiments of people who follow the Sanatan faith,” said the RPP-N chief, speaking at a cadres’ training organised by the party in Jhapa’s Birtamod today.

“In fact, the government act to promote one faith at the cost of others has pushed the country towards religious conflict,” he added.

On a different note, Thapa observed that the communist government had failed to meet people’s expectation. “Though the communist party came to power with high hopes, its handling of the high-profile gold smuggling case, Nirmala’s murder case, and the action against underperforming and nonperforming contractors has laid bare its true nature,” he said.

The RPP-N chief said the prospect of unification between his party and other parties was alive but clarified that there would no compromise on Hindu state, cow as the national symbol and constitutional monarchy.