CPN-UML Vice-chairman Bhim Rawal today said that he was ready to make any sort of sacrifice to keep his party united and powerful.

Talking to the party's rank and file at the party office in Dhangadi, Rawal said the party was more important than an individual and reiterated that he was ready to sacrifice anything to keep the party strong and dynamic.

He, however, warned of serious consequences if he was cornered in the party. "Every cadre and leader has to make sacrifice to strengthen the party. If my sacrifice is considered my weakness, the consequences will be disastrous,"

Rawal added.

Rawal urged the party frank and file to stand united for the future of the party and the nation.

He argued that some opportunists had defected to the newly-established CPN(United Socialist) party. "Everyone has to forget the past bitterness and work whole-heartedly to strengthen the UML," Rawal insisted.

A version of this article appears in the print on September 15 2021, of The Himalayan Times.