Republican front a must, says Sherchan

Kathmandu, November 11:

Deputy Prime Minister and president of Janamorcha Nepal Amik Sherchan today reiterated his party’s stance of forming a republican front, which he said was the only option to “uproot” the age-long monarchy.

Insisting that there are still some some “remains” of reactionary faces, Sherchan said they should be given no rooms in the new Nepal, which will be led by the “son of a Nepali citizen as the head of the state.”

Speaking at an interaction organised by his party here today, Sherchan said the historic peace accord is a “change for ages”, which has given the genuine rights to the Nepalis people now.

He also said his party, as the parent party, was always ready to welcome those who have

split away form the Janamorcha Nepal party. “Doors are open and you are welcome to join it again,” the Janamorcha Nepal president Sherchan told his disgruntled partymen.

A report from Chitwan quoted Deputy Prime Minister and the Foreign Affairs Minister KP Oli as saying today that the latest peace agreement reached between the government and the Maoists is the second significant step for the Maoists to give up violence.

Inaugurating the seventh national convention of Nepal Health Technicians’ Association in Chitwan today, Oli said: “The first significant step was the 12-point agreement reached between the seven-party alliance and the Maoists in Delhi.”

Although two significant agreements have been reached between the seven political parties and the Maoists, the latter has not given up the politics of violence, Oli said.

Blaming that the Maoist leaders were still speaking the ‘language of the bullet’, he said: “People will be decisive, not weapons. Maoists should give up violence.”

Oli said: “There is difference between what the Maoists have been saying and what they do. We were surprised by the bargaining of the Maoist leadership. We (UML) did not demand more than 73 seats.”