Responsibility on NC’s shoulders, says Singh


Nepali Congress leader Prakash Man Singh has said the Nepali Congress should behave in a responsible manner at this critical political situation.

Speaking at an interaction organised by NC district committee on the occasion of the 45th National Reconciliation Day here today, Singh, who is also former deputy prime minister, argued that it was time to work for political stability.

He said that the NC should be responsible towards ending the current political instability.

Singh further said the NC should play a decisive role to lead the nation during the time of political turmoil. “It is the time to stand together to implement the constitution promulgated under the leadership of the Nepali Congress,” he added. The NC is marking the National Unity and Reconciliation Day commemorating the return of the party’s founding President BP Koirala from a long exile in neighbouring India on the same day.

Similarly, NC central member Badri Pande charged that the communist regime was derailing the state. He said, “NC accepts constitutional election but not unconstitutional.”

NC District President Jit Narayan Shrestha, among other leaders, pointed out the need of national unity in this critical time.