Revenue collection exceeds target

Nepalgunj, December 21

Nepalgunj Customs Office has collected more than the targeted revenue after Rupaidiya border point started operating smoothly, in Banke.

The supply of petroleum products and other materials had been disrupted at the border point for two-and-a-half months due to the border blockade. However, revenue collection has exceeded expectation since December 10 till date.

Nepalgunj Customs Office Chief Rajendra Hamal said revenue collection at Rupaidiya border point, which is the biggest border of the mid and far-west, was more than seven per cent of the target.

According to Hamal, the office had planned to collect Rs 326.5 million in revenue while a total of Rs 348.8 million was collected. Sources at the office said Rs 161.3 million in revenue was collected within a week.

It is said that Indian Seema Surakshya Bal has eased the entry of cargo vehicles through the border area for the last 12 days. The office informed that more than Rs 20 million in revenue was collected on a daily basis.

Earlier, the office collected only Rs 1,000 on a daily basis due to United Democratic Madhesi Front’s agitation, and blockade at the border point.

In-charge SI Bishnu Giri of Jamunaha Police Post said petroleum products and LPG bullets were being supplied on a regular basis for the last one week.

The police post said as many as 156 diesel tankers, 18 petrol tankers, 19 tankers of aviation fuel, 29 gas bullets and 954 cargo vehicles had entered through the border point in a week.