Ridi-Tamghas road section obstructed in Gulmi

GULMI: The Ridi-Tamghas road section has been obstructed since last night due to a landslide.

The road section was obstructed due to landslide at Bhangari of Dubichaur in Gulmi district. This is the main road section that connects the district headquarters with other parts of the district.

Though the road division office, police and the locals were jointly working out to clear the road, it is yet to get success due to huge pile of debris on the road, said Sub Inspector of the district traffic police office Prem Shrestha.

Similarly, Ridi-Rudrabeni-Wamitaksar road section has also been obstructed due to landslide.

Likewise, a settlement of about 60 houses in Johang VDC-2 of the Gulmi district is in a high risk of flood as the water level is continuously rising in Urlikhola, said local Bishnu Maya Bhandari.