Risk-fraught road journey for Dhading locals

Dhanding, September 13

Locals of five VDCs in northern Dhading have no option but to take up risky travel on a road swept away by a landslide triggered by incessant rainfall.

Locals at Darkha VDC are having a difficult time as a mass of land has fallen from the Mauwa Cliff and swept the road away.

Of the 46 VDCs in the district, Tipling, Sertung, Lapa, Reegaun and Jharlang VDCs are still inaccessible by road. Although small vehicles were plying on the main entry point in Darkha during winter, the entry point is closed to vehicles in the rainy season.

Locals said they have been reduced to scampering on all fours to cross the 200-metre wide road after the landslide.

Preeti Lama, A schoolteacher in Darkha,  said that the residents were having difficulty reaching the district headquarters Dhandingbensi. Lama informed that the landslides have still not abated.

A month ago, a bulldozer was used to expand the road on the road section.

Locals complained that the roads damaged by last year’s earthquake have become even more vulnerable following incessant rainfall this monsoon.