Rizal blames Maoists for statute delay

KATHMANDU: Federalism, Constituent Assembly Affairs and Culture Minister Minendra Rizal

today blamed the

UCPN-Maoist for the delay in the constitution drafting process.

“The UCPN-Maoist has delayed the army integration process that was meant to be completed within

six months after the CA

elections. How can the constitution be drafted on time?” Rizal asked. He

was addressing an interaction organised here today. He said the parties had agreed to complete the supervision, integration and rehabilitation of Maoist combatants within six months and then complete drafting the constitution within the next one-and-a-half years.

He also said that the role of the United Nations Mission in Nepal (UNMIN) was not fair and that it was “behaving” differently with the Maoists and the government.

Claiming that the Maoist combatants have been using fake identity cards, Rizal said, “We are not seeking secret information, but we just want to verify the combatants’ identities, which UNMIN can provide without revealing any of their information.” The information is essential to pay the combatants individually, he added.

CP Mainali, general secretary of the CPN-ML, said his party will never support the upcoming government unless the coalition ensures capability to forge a consensus for timely statute. He admitted that the current government failed to keep any of its promises and also that the ruling parties have been harbouring conflicting views. Mainali also claimed that the constitution cannot be promulgated on the scheduled time as only two of the 11 drafts have been submitted till date.

“If the parties accept their mistakes, apologise to the people and express a commitment to draft the constitution on certain time, the deadline to draft the it could be extended. If the disputes continue, extending the deadline will serve no purpose,” he added.