Rural municipality turning into electricity hub

Several hydropower projects are yet to be connected to national grid


Tarakhola Rural Municipality in Baglung has witnessed a rise in the number of hydropower projects.

Earlier, Sayapatri Hydropower was completed and most recently 380-MW Tarakhola Hydropower project has been completed.

Preparations are underway to initiate construction of four more hydro projects to generate electricity in the rural municipality. Construction work of Mid-Tarakhola Hydropower project has already been initiated while the detailed project report of other three hydro projects has been prepared.

As such, Tarakhola is becoming a hub for hydropower projects of late. Even as the rural municipality boasts of an increasing number of hydropower plants, the rural municipality is yet to be connected to the national grid.

Construction of 2.2MW Mid-Tarakhola hydropower project is gaining momentum and works are also under way to connect it with the national grid, according to the Project Managing Director Anil Khadka.

Construction of Mid-Tarakhola Hydropower Project had begun following the completion of Tarakhola Hydropower Project. It has already started power generation.

The Mid-Tarakhola Hydropower Project that had started in mid-December last year was put on hold due to the coronavirus threat. But now more than 25 workers have been working regularly in the project, Khadka added. Almost 40 per cent of the project works have been completed and the target is to accomplish the project and generate energy by the end of this year, he said. “Construction work of the Mid-Tarakhola Hydropower Project has gained momentum while construction work of other three projects at Tarakhola and Galkot area will be initiated soon,” said Khadka.