Sanfe-Martadi road obstructed since last month

BAJURA: The Sanfe-Martadi road section in Bajura district, movement along which has been obstructed since last month due to landslide and flood, has yet to come into operation.

Due to persistent rainfall, various locations between Taprisera-Tipada along road section have been damaged by the landslide halting the vehicular movement in the road.

The month-long obstruction has affected lives of the locals as well created the scarcity of food in the district headquarters Martadi and in northern parts of the district. The obstacle also affected the connectivity between Martadi, northern parts of Bajura, Humla and Mugu, creating the scarcity of daily necessity goods and medicines in those areas.

The continuous obstacle in the resumption of operation of transportation has caused the price of the goods to go up.

The road section in Pani Naula, Balde, Tipada of Badimalika Municipality have caved in and debris from the landslides in 22 locations along the road has further obstructed the road. The Baldhe and Pani Naula in Bajura are among the riskiest areas along the road section.

Although the road section has been affected by the various disaster since two years ago, no relevant authorities had tried to repair the road, claimed civil society leader Sher Bahadur Shahi.

The road section had also been obstructed for three months last year.