Saudi government yet to confirm death of Nepali haj pilgrims

SAUDI ARABIA: Three Nepali haj pilgrims who died in the September 24 stampede in Mecca are yet to be officially confirmed as Nepalis by the Saudi authorities.

Though citizens of other countries who lost their lives in the stampede have been officially confirmed dead, the death of the Nepali citizens is yet to be confirmed by the Saudi authorities, said Chairman of Haj Committee Mohammad Miya.

"It is unfortunate that the confirmation has not been made even after more than a week of the incident," he said.

According to Miya, five Nepali Muslims have lost their lives so far in Mecca.

Three died on the spot in the stampede, one at a hotel and one while sleeping in the camp.

Meanwhile, Asma Khatun (55) of Bara is undergoing treatment at the Jeddah hospital.

So far, 769 haj pilgrims from various countries have been confirmed dead with other 934 injured in the fatal incident that took place last Wednesday.

A total of 1,021 Nepali Muslims have arrived to the holy city for the haj pilgrimage this year.