SC moved against copter landing on Everest

Kathmandu, August 12:

A public interest litigation (PIL) was filed today at the Supreme Court directing the government

to act against Frenchman, Didier Delsalle, who landed a Eurocoptor on the Everest without the government’s permission. Didier landed a Eurocopter on the Everest on May 14, and is trying to get recognition from the International Federation of Aeronautics as a record setter.

Seeking an apex court order to the government to intervene, the chairman of the Dharmapath Youth Club, Krishna Prasad Shahi, said: “I am shocked that the government is not initiating any legal action against the French citizen, who landed the helicopter on the Everest without getting a permission from the government.” The petitioner also asked the apex court to issue an order to the government to investigate the incident and make the report public. The Cabinet Secretariat, the minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Buddhi Raj Bajracharya, the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal, the Ministries of Home, Information, and Communications, the Nepali Embassy in France, and the pilot have been made the defendants of the petition. Stating that the illegal landing may lead to avalanches and deaths of the climbers, Shahi also sought the Supreme Court order to the government to prohibit people from scaling the Everest till the final decision on the public interest litigation is made.