Bagmati Province Chief Minister Dormani Poudel has hailed the success of the historic Second People's Movement as a watershed moment in the nation's history. He further conveyed the government's commitment to fulfilling people's wishes and aspirations.

Congratulating the entire nation on the occasion of Democracy Day today, CM Poudel observed that the government was now focused on realising the vision of Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali with the end of struggle for rights.

"With the success of the Second People's Movement and the country's declaration as a federal democratic republic, our struggle for rights has concluded.

So the only duty of the government and people is to realise the dream of Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali," he said.

The chief minister further clarified that changes could not take place just by paying lip service. "We can't increase people's trust and respect for this polity unless we are able to change the current reality and bring about changes in people's lives," he argued.

In his congratulatory message, the chief minster paid respect to the great martyrs of the country and conveyed his and the provincial government's commitment to fulfilling the dream of the martyrs. He also expressed confidence that progressive democratic practice, unity and honest efforts would help in realising the dream of a better nation.

A version of this article appears in the print on April 25, 2021, of The Himalayan Times.