RAUTAHAT, NOVEMBER 11 Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Province 2 Chairperson Prabhu Sah, who was elected as member of Parliament from Rautahat Constituency-3, has observed that the security situation in the district has worsened due to the police force’s love for commission. Speaking to journalists in Gaur today, the ruling party leader lamented the tendency of the police administration to unnecessarily hassle individuals buying goods from India for their personal use. “Big smugglers are doing their illegal business using their connections, but when it comes to ordinary people, the police are arresting them for commission even if they bring things that are not found in the local markets for personal use,” observed Sah. “Since the entire police force is busy controlling smuggling from across the border, it has led to the increase in crime in the Tarai districts,” the leader reasoned. “We have a system that allows police to receive commission for giving a tip-off about a smuggling bid or something. This is not good; we can propose such incentive for ordinary people instead, not for police personnel,” he added. Sah, particularly cited incidents of police seizing chemical fertiliser brought by farmers from India. Chemical fertiliser is in short supply in Nepal now. “The police’s success isn’t reflected by their ability to arrest these poor people bringing things that are in short supply in Nepal from India,” he argued.