Locals of Bajura are likely to be hit hard by food crisis as the Food Management and Trade Company Limited, Kolti Branch, is about to run out of stock of rice with only 148 quintals remaining.

Assistant Chief District Officer Samir Bhandari said that 10 kg rice per person was being sold every Wednesday. He said that considering the limited stock, only rice could not be provided as per the demand.

Branch Chief Nabin Acharya said 50 quintal rice had to be stored for unavoidable situation.

Bajura District Administration Office directed Kolti Branch to distribute ten kg rice to each individual on the basis of citizenship card.The locals are compelled to buy rice at higher price from the market. Bhandari said that his office had taken the initiative to supply rice.

A local, Man Bir Luwar, said they were compelled to buy rice from the local market at a higher rate after the local depot was left with limited stock. The price of rice has increased after the rains destroyed the Martadi-Kolti road section.

Locals in the four local levels of the northern part of Bajura are facing acute food crisis. Food Management and Trade Company Ltd Bajura Branch Chief Megh Raj Ojha said further process for supplying rice was yet to be forwarded.

The food crisis hit the locals hard after the contractors did not supply rice on time. Kawadi Temporary Depot has already run out rice. Food Corporation, Bajura, approved 3,000 quintal rice for the depot. The contractor has also signed agreement for the same. LB Construction has signed an agreement to supply rice from Martadi, Om Shiva from Kolti and Badimalika Construction and Order Supplier from Dhangadi.

A version of this article appears in the print on August 24 2021, of The Himalayan Times.