She still recalls last meal with husband

NAGARKOT: Krisharni Tamang of Naldum VDC-6 Nagarkot was serving lunch to her two children and her husband Jogman, when her house in Kavre started to shake.

Krisharni managed to clutch her son and daughter and escape the house whereas her husband could not flee from the house. She shouted at him to come out of the house but the structure collapsed before he managed to exit. Consequently, he was buried in the debris in front of her eyes.

Dhyabasingh Tamang, Jogman’s father, who was outside in the yard started crying with his in-law and grandchildren as his 32-year-old son was buried in the rubble of the collapsed house in no time. The children started sobbing out to their father. Krisharni also cried. When they managed to clear the debris, Jogman was already dead.

As many as 22 persons lost their lives, including Jogman, in Naldum VDC-6 in the calamity. “We were having meal. The house started shaking suddenly. I managed to come out with the kids and shouted at my husband to come out. No sooner had we come out, the house fell upon him and he left us forever,” lamented Krisharni.  She did not fall asleep for a month in memory of her husband after the incident. “However, I am trying to sleep of late,” she said.

She has started to cook meal and feed her kids after her in-law constructed a temporary shelter in the yard. “I still remember the moment I served the meal to my husband,” she said. Every time she serves meal to her in-law, she sobs and tears roll down her cheeks. “Sometime I feel like my husband has gone for work and will return home,” she said.

Dhyabasingh, 63, was staying with Jogman, the eldest of his four sons. He keeps consoling his in-law and taking care of the grandchildren. “I felt like my heart stopped beating when I saw my son buried in front of my eyes in the debris,” regretted the  battered Dhyabasingh. He said that he had to shoulder the responsibility of rearing his grand children.