Shed old mindset, Dr Bhattarai tells govt staffers

Sindhulimadi, September 27:

Finance Minister Dr Baburam Bhattarai today urged the Sindhuli-based government employees to serve people keeping in mind the changed political context.

Talking to government employees in Shindhulimadi, the district headquarters of Sindhuli, Dr Bhattarai said people will not get a feel of political transformation if government employees continue to work with a traditional mindset.

“Government employees play a major role in steering the country towards progress. Employees can realise the government-set goals if they work properly,” the minister said.

He directed heads of government offices based in the district to work for the people without indulging in malpractices. The minister asked them to work keeping in mind people’s desire expressed through the Constituent Assembly elections.

At the programme, Sindhuli CDO Rishkesh Niroula lamented the practice of giving political protection to corrupt employees. He said it is difficult to take action against such employees because they enjoy political protection.