Sherpa climber recounts how they got second lease of life on Mt Everest

KATHMANDU: A sherpa climber who was rescued from the death zone on Mt Everest has requested to all the foreigners to listen and obey the instruction and decision of their respective guides when they attempt to climb mountains in Nepal.

Sange Sherpa along with a climber from Pakistan was rescued by a group of sherpa climbers after they suffered from severe frostbite and other high altitude sicknesses near South Col on Mt Everest two weeks ago.

"Please listen and obey the instruction and decision of sherpa guides during your climbing," Sherpa, who along with his Pakistani climbing partner Abdul Jabbar Bhatti was undergoing treatment at Norvic International Hospital in Kathmandu, said, in an appeal.

Recalling his struggle for life and death on the roof of the world, he said, “Don't put yourself and your guide into trouble by making your own decision during such situation while sherpa guides are more familiar and experienced in the mountains and dealing with the harsh environment.”

According to Sherpa, he was waiting for death when he could feel his body as cold as ice, breathing and heartbeat were very slow. The climbers going to the summit didn’t even approach to me as I was like a dead body. I was unable to move and speak properly. At this point, I needed help. And, I gave it to the God. I surrendered.”

“I kept praying to the God and at that moment, I witnessed a miracle. God himself came to help me in a form of friends from Seven Summit Treks. Luckily, they recognized me but at first they thought I was dead.

They feed me some tasty chocolate juice to quench my thirst and after a while with the help of my friends, me and my client we both were able to make it the rest of the way down to Camp III & II and then got airlifted to the hospital in Kathmandu.”

Sherpa said he was very grateful to Ang Tshering, the men behind their survival and his friends and he also would like to extend his sincere gratitude for saving them.

Bhatti also described that they (rescuers) were the true heroes who went above and beyond the call of duty and put their own lives at risk for humanity.

“While on their way down from the Summit, Ang Tshering and his friends decided to take on the challenge that was, perhaps, tougher than conquering the world's tallest mountain: to rescue two incapacitated fellows from 8,600m.”

The climbers have already been discharged from hospital after treatment.