Slaughterhouse waste ill-managed

Sunsari, October 8

A slaughterhouse that was established with the aim of trading healthy meat in Itahari Sub-metropolitan City in Sunsari five years ago has turned to be a bane for locals due lack of proper waste management.

The slaughterhouse was established by Itahari Sub-metropolis in partnership with Department of Housing and Urban Development under Livestock Directorate at a cost of Rs 10 million. Locals living in the adjoining areas complained that the slaughterhouse was spreading pollution and foul smell as it had failed to manage the waste produced at the slaughterhouse.

Meat trader Nagesh Rai said he was paying Rs 7,000 for the shutter per month but the metropolis was not providing facilities as per the earlier agreement. “Though we pay money for sanitation and collection of animal remnants, the contractors have not been carrying out their duties as per the agreement. Hence, we have to face all the difficulty,” regretted Rai.

However, Itahari Sub-metropolis Mayor Dwarik Lal Choudhary said he was not aware of the matter.