Snakebite incident on the rise in Saptari

RAJBIRAJ: Incidents of snakebite have increased due to excessive heat and inundation caused by incessant rainfall in Saptari district recently.

Police Constable Ram Bahadur Bhujel stationed at the Trikol-based Temporary Police Post was bitten at around 8:30 pm yesterday while he was going for toilet.

Bhujel who was bitten on his leg finger, was rushed to Community Snakebite Treatment Centre (CSTC)  located on the premises of Nepal Army Eastern Division Headquarters for treatment.

Similarly, Umdadevi Yadav (40) of kataiya, in Rupani Rural Municipalty-3; Chandani Yadav (7) of Rajbiraj Municipality-10; Maladevi Yadav (28) of Boriya in Bishnupur Rural Municipality-5 and Draupadi Mandal (3) of Parsawani, in Krishnasawaran Rural Municipality-4 are among the victims of snakebites in the district.

According to the Rajbiraj-based Sagarmatha Zonal Hospital, snakebite patients coming for the treatment have reached around 100 since the start of the summer.

Majority of the snakebite victims are small childrens and elders, informed Senior Assistant health Worker Jay Krishna Garmaita at the Emergency section of the hospital.

The snakebite cases which were reported occasionally, have drastically risen since the summer started, Garmaita added.

Counting in the snakebite victims who also visit Kanchanpur-based Health Post and CSTC for snakebite treatment, the number of the patients may be more than reported, he informed.

Along with the increase in the patients, Sagarmatha Zonal Hospital have asked for the appropriate amount of anti-snake venom to be delivered to the hospital, Garmaita said.