Bara, April 5

Gachhiya village in Pheta Rural Municipality, Bara, was known for its rich vegetation, greenery and fresh air. However, the fierce storm of Sunday night has turned the village into an ugly place — the trees fallen, crops destroyed and houses turned into rubble.

The village was named Gachhiya as it had mango, litchi and bamboo trees in abundance. The freak storm has uprooted almost all small and big trees in the village. “No house in the village is in proper shape. One can only see debris and destruction,” said storm victim Faiyaj Hawari.

Shivchandra Baitha of Balirampur in Kaliaya Sub-metropolitan City complained that mangoes, litchi and guava trees planted in 10 kattha land had been damaged by the storm. Biru Mandal said he had sold out mangoes worth Rs 1 lakh last year to a trader from India. “The storm has destroyed everything. I do not know how am I going to eke out a living this year,” he said.

The storm damaged mango, litchi, bamboo and other plants and vegetables at Purainiya, Bhalbariya, Bhaluhi, Hardiya, Bagahi, Parsurampur, Telgai, Harpur, Dharmanagar, Gamhariya, Khatuwa, Rampurwa, Benauli, Bairiya, Chainpur, Ramtole and Birta Tole in the district. Indian traders used to sign the contract for fruits.

Ward Chair Jakir Hussain said storm had wiped out plants and vegetables at Gachhiya. “The work to collect details of damage is under way,” Hussain stated. A total of 188 houses were damaged in the storm in Gachhiya.