As many as 18 people have lost their lives while 27 are still missing, and seven have been injured due to floods and landslides caused by incessant rainfall since Sunday in Sudur Pashchim Province.

Among the deceased, 12 people were from Doti, four caualties were reported in Baitadi and two in Dadeldhura.

Of the 27 missing persons, 23 are from Bajhang (including 18 from the same family) and four from Kailali district.

According to the Police records, four people of the same family -- Sher Bahadur BK (42), Mohan BK, Pabitra BK and Rabin BK (16) of Syagadha, Jorayal Rural Municipality-4, Doti, have lost their lives.

Similarly, Jogi Sarki and his wife Jhupari Sarki were killed as the landslide buried their house in Nawalpur of the same ward.

Other causalities in Doti include a 36 year old woman of Shikhar Municipality-11, Sagar Kunjeda (14) and Aashish Kunjeda (11) of Saayal Rural Municipality-6, Hiruwa BK (55) from Saayal RM-5, Bire Rokaya (74) from Saayal RM-4, and Chandra Nepali from Bogtan Phudsil RM-5.

In Baitadi, a landslide that swept away a house killed three including, Pabitra Parki (18), Bhanu Parki (24) and Som Parki (3) from Basedi, Shivanath RM-6.

Another causality from the district includes Parudevi Mahara (71).

Similarly, in Dadeldhura, landslide buried a house killing 32 year old Bishnu Awasthi in Ganyapdhura RM-1. Meanwhile, another woman of about 65 year of age, Narmadevi Shahi, from Ganyapdhura RM-3 was swept away in flooded river.

Tikapur area inundated

Flood waters of the Karnali River have entered residential areas of Tikapur Bazaar, including places of Tikapur Municipality-1 (Block A, B, C), 15, 16, 17, 18 and 20.

According to the Mayor of the municipality Tapendra Rawal, the risk has further increased as Patharaiya River has eroded land and entered the residential areas.

He shared that rescue operations are ongoing at the moment.

Road, electricity obstruction

Half a dozen of main highways including Bhimdatta highway which connects seven hilly districts have been obstructed in Sudur Pashchim Province due to landslides in various areas.

This has also cut electricity and communication in different locations of Bhimdatta Highway, Jaya Prithvi Highway, Madhya Pahadi Lokmarga, and Sanphe-Martadi road section.