Teachers in Bajura have resorted to teaching students out in open grounds, around wood-fire, as cold temperature has affected normal routine here.

Ward Chair Dharmarah Padhyaya of Badimalika Municipality-9 shared that teachers of Saraswati Primary School have started doing so to evade harsh weather.

The school has as many as 160 students, of which at least 150 students come from impoverished families, making it hard for them to deal with the harsh cold weather.

The current weather leads to health issues such as common cold and other related ailments, which in turn acts as a hinderance in operations of regular classes for students.

Snowfall starts as early as late November in Bajura and affects lives to a greater extent every year.

Many people have also migrated to lower regions to remain safe in winter.

Padhyaya shared that though the ward is constructing a toilet for students, it is difficult to maintain sources to upgrade the school building to protect the children against cold.

Meanwhile, Chair of School Management Committee, Ram Bahadur Dhami sees a need to provide winter caps and socks to keep the children warm.

He added that around a hundred schools among a total of 271 in Bajura are located inside the hilly region which is affected by harsh winter. The education in these schools are greatly affected by the prevalent circumstances.