Tharu province can be carved from Dang to Kanchanpur: Leader Deuba

Dang: Senior leader of the Nepali Congress (NC), Sher Bahadur Deuba said that the Tharu community could be empowered through autonomy to the Tharu-dominated regions.

At an interaction organised by the Democratic Tharu Society here on Tuesday, Deuba however urged Tharu leaders not haste for it.

The NC leader argued that the districts ranging from Kanchanpur to Dang could be made a Tharu autonomous region, so it was not logical to demand the one Tharu province from the east and west of the country.

However, the senior leader said it could not be announced right now because the dispute on provincial demarcation was still on.

According to him, constitution is a dynamic document, and it is amended as per the need. During amendments, Tharu's demand of autonomous region could be encompassed, he added.

Moreover, leader Deuba said that his party was always struggling for the rights to the Tharu community. He requested the Tharu people to help him in the coming general convention of the party.