KATHMANDU, January 14

Three brothers from Nepal -- Mingma, Chhang Dawa, and Tashi Lakpa Sherpa -- have successfully scaled the highest mountain in Antartica, Mt Vinson (4,892 m), on Thursday.

The team updated that they finally made a successful ascent of Mt Vinson on 13 January at 6:30 PM (Chile time) after spending a month in Antarctica.

The team had also skied to the South Pole (90°S- Last Degree) on January 2, as they planned for their mission and have now become the first three siblings to complete the journey: ski to the South pole and to climb Mt Vinson.

The Sherpa siblings embarked on this journey on December 13 and departed from Kathmandu to join an expedition to Antarctica with the mission to climb 7 summits on seven continents.

Mt Vinson, the highest peak in Antarctica Continent and in the South Pole, is recognised as the Geographic South Pole or Terrestrial South Pole and is one of the two points where Earth's axis of rotation intersects its surface.

Two of the three brothers -- Mingma and Chhang Dawa Sherpa -- also hold the Guinness World Record titled "World's First Siblings to Climb All 8000ers". While Tashi Lakpa Sherpa holds the Guinness record for climbing Mt Everest at the age of 20 without using supplementary oxygen.

The siblings have also scheduled a plan to launch an expedition to north pole in the spring of 2022.