THT Impact: Bajura woman receives financial support for treatment

BAJURA: People from all walks of life have extended financial support to a 41-year-old woman, who was in dire need of it for treatment of her fractured leg, after news about her plight was published in THT.

According to Bindu Badal, official at the Women and Children Office Bajura, donations from Nepal and abroad started to pour in after the news was published online.

Badal further said, Dhanapati Baduwal has been taken to Bayalgada Hospital for treatment in neighbouring Achham district. However, all preparations have been made to take her to Nepalgunj from there if further treatment is required.

Helga Kubesh, a German national along with other people from Nepal and abroad extended their financial support to her, Badal shared.

Likewise, Dr Rupesh Timilsena, associated with World Health Organisation (WHO), went to visit the victim at her house and assured her of support.

Dhanapati Baduwal had been compelled to live a disabled life for the past eight months, after a falling rock had hit her leg causing the fracture. She was confined to her house as she had neither money nor people to take her to nearby health facilities.