Aause Kami, 42, of Gaumul Rural Municipality, Bajura, who had been left in a lurch for want of treatment, is presently being treated in Kathmandu for a neurological ailment.

Following the publication of his plight in The Himalayan Times, Nepal Healthcare Equipment Development Foundation (NHEDF) came forward with their support for his treatment.

The Foundation has brought Aause from Bajura to Kathmandu and is helping with his treatment here, informed Samrat Singh Basnet, Chair of the Foundation. It has been managing all costs related to his accomodation, food, and treatment, Basnet added.

According to the doctors involved in his treatment, Aause has a nerve-related condition in his left leg. In the first stage of treatment, he has been prescribed medicines for three months. If there is no apparent improvement in his health after three months, a surgery will have to planned for him, added Basnet.

Aause's right foot had been amputated due to cancer-related complications about 12 years ago.

He says he could not afford to travel to Nepalgunj and Kathmandu for treatment due financial difficulties. According to his wife, she had requested support for her husband's treatment.