Phidim, August 15 Manu Dulal, a survivors of the Timbure bloodshed in Panchthar, Lungrupa-9 that happened about 23 years ago, died in the USA on Sunday. She died of a brain stroke during treatment at the Elliot Hospital in New Hampshire. Manu and her family, comprising her husband Naresh Prasai, and two children: 11-year-old son Nisam and 5-year-old daughter Nishtha, had reached the USA two years ago under the Electronic Diversity Visa programme. Manu, along with her sister Gyanu, had survived bloodshed that saw the murder of five of her seven family members; her father Kuber Dulal, mother Saraswoti Dulal, sister Krishna Dulal and brothers Umesh Dulal and Uddhav Dulal were hacked to death. Kuber was a CPN-UML cadre and a farmer. On April 29, 1993, a group of eight to ten men came to his house in the evening and asked him to accompany them to Nangin, saying a leader wanted to meet him. The men murdered Kuber in Nangin, then returned to his house and brutally killed his wife and three children. The murderers, after their arrest, confessed to having raped Saraswoti before killing her. An unsolved crime for quite some time, the mystery was finally solved with the help of sniffer dogs. Police then had arrested Omanath Dulal, Mani Dulal, Dharma Dulal, Krishna Dahal, Bishnu Dahal, Durga Nembang, Yuvraj Dulal and one more person.