Tipsy PLA fighters in police net

DHANGADHI:Armed Police Force detained six tipsy Maoist fighters of the seventh division of Baidapur satellite cantonment, on Monday. The fighters were handed to the District Police Office, today. According to the DPO, APF had detained them while they were obstructing vehicles along the Mahendra Highway at Shreepur on Monday evening.

The police informed that among the detained are platoon commanders Dal Bahadur Saud (Halchal), Kamal BC (Suresh) and DR Rawal (Akash), company commanders Ram Bahadur Bista (Bikram) and Rana Bahadur Buda (Raj Kumar) and a member Lal Bahadur Kumal (Kishor).

A patrolling team from APF Badimali Battalion had detained them. Senior Superintendent of Police, Jit Bahadur Pun informed that five of them were tipsy. '' We detained them as they tried to flee when the police arrived,” he said. The police have also taken hold of two motorcycles used by the fighters.

However, assistant commander of the seventh division, Jeevan Buda said that PLA members were going to Dhangadi to buy essentials. '' The police have detained our friends without any reason,” he accused. He also alleged that the APF had thrashed his friends for no reason

Meanwhile, SP Uttam Bahadur Singh informed that the UNMIN representatives met the detained PLA fighters.