Toll from home-brewed liquor reaches eight

Janakpurdham, March 14

Two more individuals died after they consumed home-brewed liquor at Ramdaiya village of Chhireswarnath Municipality-2, Dhanusha, taking the toll from toxic alcohol to eight in the district today.

Eight persons have died from the consumption of toxic homebrewed liquor in the past four days. Death of people from the alcohol has spelled gloom over Chamartoli and Mandal toles at Ramdaiya village.

According to former VDC chairman Sukdev Yadav, death of eight people in the past four days has left the entire village in mourning.

Shreedev Yadav, 65, of Chhireswarnath-2 and Raju Mahara, 30, of Janakpurdham sub-metropolis died today. Raju Mahara, son-in-law of Bechan Mahara of Ramadaiya had consumed the liquor at in-laws’ home on the day of Holi. He died while undergoing treatment at the hospital.

Earlier, Brahamadev Yadav, 35, Raju Mahara, 30, Gudari Mahara, 36, Ram Narayan Mahara, 30, Bilash Mandal, 52, and Indrajit Mahara, 32, had died after consuming toxic alcohol.

Critically ill from the intake of home-brewed liquor Pradip Sada, 23, Bharat Sada, 37, Ram Ishwor Mahara, 37, Bharat Mandal, 50, and Manir Nadaf, 44, are being treated at Janaki Hospital.

Another person ill from the same is undergoing treatment at City Hospital in Janakpur.

Mahottari police arrested seven persons involved in brewing and selling illegal liquor. The arrested are Jagat Narayan Mandal, Chhatiyadevi Mandal, Ramananda Sah, Nabin Yadav, Ghuran Yadav, Sitala Devi and Jaya Kumar Yadav, said DSP Rameswor Karki.

“Doctors said they died of excessive alcohol consumption.

But, the fact is yet to be established as investigation is under way,” said DSP Karki.

DSP Karki dismissed media reports that more than eight people had died from toxic alcohol drinking. “One person died of diarrhoea and one died of high fever in Janakpurdham yesterday, which was reported as death from drinking,” Karki clarified.

A large number of police personnel have been deployed to control illegally brewed liquor in the village.