Tourism activities on the rise in Sauraha

CHITWAN: Tourism industry of Sauraha which was battered due to coronavirus pandemic has gradually started to revitalize.

This time around the rise in the flow of domestic tourists have spurred tourism activities in Sauraha.

Tourism entrepreneurs have attempted to bring positive vibes in the industry by offering discounts at hotels and restaurants including elephant ride. There seems growing mobility of internal tourists in Sauraha especially on Friday and Saturday.

Entrepreneurs said the recent influx of internal tourists following the Tihar festival has rendered them a respite and encouragement.

Chairperson of Regional Hotel Association Sauraha Deepak Bhattarai said the rise in the inflow of tourists has started to change the dynamism of tourism in Sauraha.

“Sauraha has started catching up its rhythm due to gradual rise in the flow of internal tourists of late. Now the situation has emerged in a way that it would meet the regular expenses”, Bhattarai shared.