Tricycle, wheelchair, among other walking aids, elate disabled people

NSRD donates walking aids to the disabled


Pushpa Chaudhary of Kanchanpur Municipality in Saptari district, who was born without legs, is elated after getting a tricycle. This has ended her dependence on others for movement.

“I had been dependent on others as I did not have legs. But now I can walk without support from others as I have been provided a tricycle by the National Rehabilitation Society for the Disabled.

This has opened my way to self-reliance.

Now I have gained confidence and can do a job by myself,” she shared. The disabled girl now plans to resume her education. “I had to quit studies midway as I could not afford to go to school.”

Shekh Abas, 65, of Kanchanpur Municipality, who has been suffering from paralysis for a decade, has been facing similar problems due to his ill health. Now, the inconvenience has ended to some extent after he received a wheelchair. “He was immobile. Now he can go from one place to another with the support of a wheelchair,” said Abas’ son Ibrahim.

Similarly, a wheelchair has been a support for Anita Chaudhary of Kanchanpur, whose both legs do not function due to poliomyelitis. “She had been facing difficulties going to the toilet as her legs did not function.

Now with the wheelchair, her life has been eased to a large extent,” said Anita’s mother Sumitra.

The NRSD distributed wheelchairs, tricycles and other walking aids like white sticks, walkers and crutches to 51 people with disabilities in various wards of the municipality.

So far, the NRSD has distributed wheelchairs and tricycles to disabled people in 65 districts, and it aims to expand this drive to 77 districts, said NRSD Vice-president Sugam Bhattarai.

Municipality Mayor Basanta Kumar Mishra, Deputy Mayor Niru Pokharel and Chief Administrative Officer Nawaraj Khadka jointly handed the walking aids to the disabled folks at an event on the municipality premises.