TU warns against hiring professors sans permission

Kathmandu, January 13

Tribhuvan University (has warned its professors and private campuses of action if the professors are found to be teaching or if private colleges are found deploying professors without permission from the university administration.

Issuing a public notice today, it said that if any professor is found teaching in any private colleges or any private college is found deploying professors without permission from the university administration, they will be liable to action.

TU has been taking action against its professors only in the past but this time it has determined to take action against those private colleges too, which are using university professors without formally permission.

TU has always been criticised for not taking action against such ‘helmet teachers’ who run from college to college to teach.

The trend of teaching in numerous private colleges among university professors has increased of late.

Thus TU has decided to take action against such dishonest professors and private colleges that are seeking quality education from such professors.

At present, the professors are allowed to teach in private colleges after getting permission from the administration, making sure that the time in private colleges will not overlap with their shift in the TU constituent campus.