Tusker terror

Sindhulimadi, Feb 24

Wild elephants have unleashed terror among locals at Nipane of Dudhauli Municipality, Sindhuli. Three wild tuskers have destroyed nine houses and damaged crops in the past three nights, said ward chair Sane Dhami.

“We have not been able to sleep for the past three nights”, said Sane, adding, “Tuskers enter the forest in the morning and return to the human settlement as soon as night falls.” The tuskers have destroyed houses of Narnedra Majhi, Gopal Majhi, Anup Tharu, Kanna Tharu, Ratiya Dhami,  Narayan Karki, among others. Locals say they have to spend sleepless nights as tuskers give them hard time at night. They make fire and bang utensils to chase away the wild beasts. Locals fear that the wild elephants will destroy their crops.