Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli in a British publication wrote that Nepal is overwhelmed by Covid-19 on Monday, two days after telling the CNN that the situation is under control.

In a write up by the Prime Minister today for the UK-based The Guardian, he appealed to the international community to provide necessary assistance as Nepal bears the brunt of the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic.

Oli wrote that as cases of the infection continue to rise at an alarming rate wherein the nation of approximately 30 million people has been witnessing about 8,000 new cases regularly, along with subsequent rise in fatalities of late, the pandemic has overwhelmed front line health workers while also taking a toll on the health care system.

"It has become difficult to provide patients with the hospital beds that they need," he shared with grim. "Although, the government is functioning to the best of its ability to control and treat the infection, the circumstance of limited resources and infrastructure have obstructed those efforts to a great deal and therefore we urge the international community to help Nepal with vaccines, diagnostic kits, critical care medicines and equipment."

Read the full letter, here.

The Nepali Prime Minister also boasted of its strong bilateral ties with the UK government which as the leader of G7 nations could execute an significant role in converging international support.

Two days prior to making the contrasting appeal for international help, PM KP Sharma Oli, talking to the CNN had said that the Covid-19 situation was under control while also ensuring the American media that serious measures were being adopted to supply oxygen and hospital beds.

In addition, he had also shifted the blame on negligence on the part of the Nepali nationals as one of the major reasons behind the harrowing spread, which could have very well been an attempt to shadow the incumbent government's shortcomings in handling of the pandemic.

The Prime Minister himself, as the cases had begun surging with the second wave, was seen to be flouting the regulations as issued by his own government by gathering people at events - for instance the untimely show at Thori.