Two Indian container trucks set ablaze in Dhading

MALEKHU: Two Indian registered container trucks were gutted after they were set on fire by an unidentified group in Dhunibeshi Municipality-6 along the Prithvi Highway of Dhading district on Sunday morning.

The two 22-wheel trucks with Indian registration number plates (RJ 42 GA 5021) and (RJ 42 GA 0756) were parked beside the road in Chalise when they were set ablaze at around 3:00 am today, said Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Ram Bahadur KC of District Police Office, Dhading.

It has been learnt that the trucks were empty and were returning to India after ferrying raw materials to Naubise-based Mangala Cement Industry.

After the arson, four dozers were used to pile mud around the trucks to contain the fire from spreading elsewhere.

The fire was doused after fire engines from Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) arrived two hours after the incident.

No human casualties were reported in the arson attack, however, due to the gutted trucks being parked near a settlement, petrol station and a gas industry, locals were fearful of the untoward action.

The fire also snapped an electric wire causing a blackout and has caused a traffic snarl in the area.

Authorities have suspected the Biplav-led CPN to be behind the arson attack.

Meanwhile, further investigation into the case is undeway, said Jeevan Niraula, Chief at the Area Police Office, Khanikhola.