UML chief asks CPN-M to dissolve YCL

Kathmandu, September 28:

Calls NC to help frame statute.

General Secretary of the Communist Party of Nepal-UML Jhala Nath Khanal today reiterated

the need for consensus at the highest political level to take the ongoing peace process to its logical conclusion.

“The focus should be on taking the peace process to its logical conclusion, restructuring the state and framing new constitution in 20 months,” Khanal said at an interaction organised by the Reporters’ Club.

Coalition partners as well as opposition parties should work together to implement all past agreements, Khanal said.

The key responsibility of the Constituent Assembly is to frame a new constitution and Nepali Congress cannot remain in the opposition in the process of framing the constitution, he said.

The CPN-UML chief said the Council of Ministers should appoint a special committee as soon as possible to work out the modality of the integration of Maoist combatants.

Khanal also urged the Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist to dissolve the para-military structure of the Young Communist League (YCL). The country is passing through a difficult phase, Khanal said, adding that many countries have relapsed into armed conflict for failing to manage the peace process.

The tenure of the government will depend largely on the behaviour of the Maoist party, he said.

Saying that the law and order situation had improved of late, the UML leader said a lot needs to be done to provide security to the commoners.

The government will not spare any force involved in undermining the nationality and sovereignty, Khanal said. Nepal cannot roll back the Assembly decision to declare the country a federal democratic republic, said the UML general secretary.