UN Military Adviser inspects Exercise Shanti Prayas III

KATHMANDU: The chief of the United Nations' Department of Peacekeeping Operations, Lt Gen Carlos Humbert Loitey, on Saturday inspected the ongoing Exercise Shanti Prayas III at the Nepal Army's Birendra Peace Operations Training Centre (BPOTC) in Panchkhal.

With 1,024 army personnel from 28 countries taking part in it, the multinational military exercise, hosted by Nepal Army and United States Pacific Command, kicked off at the BPOTC on March 20.

Lt Gen Carlos Humbert Loitey, who is from Uruguay, heads the United Nations' Office of Military Affairs as the Military Adviser.

Equivalent to the Assistant Secretary-General, Lt Gen Loitey provides military advice to the Under-Secretary-General for the Peacekeeping Operations.

The Exercise Shanti Prayas III is the latest in a continuing series of exercises in the Asia-Pacific region designed to promote regional peace and security and enhance the peacekeeping capabilities and capacity of nations participating in the Global Peace Operations Initiative (GPOI), according to the Nepal Army.

It includes field training, critical enabler and capability enhancement (2CE), staff training and regional training seminar.

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal had opened the 15-day event on March 20.


Exercise Shanti Prayas III kicks off, 28 countries taking part