Underage marriage bid thwarted in Sindhuli

Sindhulimadi, February 24

Sindhuli police today thwarted a marriage attempt of an underage couple in Khurkot of the district.

Police also arrested Bijay Tamang (17) of Sindhuli's Baseswor and his prospective bride Sirjana Tamang (16) of Kavre. According to police, Sirjana had eloped with Bijay a month ago.

Inspector Uattam Prakash Baral said they arrested Bijay when his side of the family was on their way to the bride's home for the wedding.

Inspector Baral said the wedding was illegal as both the boy and girl were underage. The arrested have been kept in the custody of Khurkot police. Inspector Baral said preparation was on to hand over the arrested to their parents after legal counseling.

As per the law, a boy or a girl must be 20 years old to be eligible for marriage. However, underage marriage is widely prevalent in the district.

Inspector Baral said increasing cases of underage marriages had caused a negative impact on society. He added the police were committed to checking and curbing child marriages.