Use of heavy equipment for extraction in Dhading rivers banned

DHADING: A meeting between local representatives and the District Monitoring and Coordination Committee (DMCC) has decided to stop the use of heavy equipment for extraction of sand and other items from rivers in Dhading district.

"We failed to control illegal extraction despite alerting the concerned parties. However, this time around, with the help of security forces we will try to control it," Chairman of the District Coordination Committee Jagannath Nepal said.

According to Chairman of DMCC, Nepal, the use of heavy equipment for extraction has been banned but people are allowed to extract materials with a shovel during the day time.

"Participation of smugglers in illegal extraction has caused rivers to change their course and rise in crime rate in the areas, District Administration Office, DAO, would implement strong measures to prevent it," Chief District Officer (CDO) Bhagirath Pandey, who is also a member of DMCC, said.

"We need full support and cooperation from all stakeholders to attain full control over illegal unsheathing in the district," CDO Pandey shared.

Law prevents the use of heavy vehicles for digging out sand, stones and other items from rivers for three months--Aasar to Bhadra.

However, with the beginning of monsoon, heavy equipments' have been used for the extraction from Belkhu, Dariyal, Malekhu, Mahesh, Kolpu, Trishul and Budiganga rivers in the district of late.