Vajra master Lama Rinpoche passes away at 87

KATHMANDU: The resident Vajra master of Pangboche monastery, Lama Geshe Odiyaana Vajra Rinpoche, passed away (entered into parinirvāṇa) in the morning of February 13 at the age of 87, in the Sherpa village of Pangboche, on the way to Everest Base Camp.

Lama Rinpoche was widely known and respected among the climbers of Mount Everest. He was the highest ranking Lama in the area, who also held a Buddhist doctorate. Climbers passing his home would go to receive his blessings before they ascended the Everest.

The holy body relic of Lama Rinpoche has be kept at his residence in Pangboche for ceremonial offerings. The relic has been accessible for public audience from February 18 and will continue to be so till February 21.

The relic will then be cremated on February 22 with traditional processions, followed by Vajrayana Buddhist rites of fire pūjā based on sadhanas of Desheg Kundue (Red-Chenrezig), Minling Dorsem (Vajrasattva), Naro Khachö (Vajrayogini), and Konchok Chidue (Guru Rinpoche). The fire pūjās would be carried out from all four directions of the cremation tomb.

His devotees have been welcomed to pay homage, supplicate and receive blessings.