KATHMANDU: Vice President Nanda Bahadur Pun has extended Christmas wishes to all Nepalis, home and abroad, who are celebrating the festival.

In the message, Vice President Pun has wished them happiness, peace, prosperity, good health and progress.

Stating that Nepal is a multilingual, multi-caste, multi-religion and multi-cultural country with geographical diversities, Vice President termed the proportional inclusive system -- with democratic republicanism, federalism, secularism and social justice -- the significant achievement of Nepali people, gained through a long struggle.

"Nepal's constitution has guaranteed people's right to religion, protection and promotion of all religions; but forced conversion has been prohibited," Vice President Pun was quoted as saying in Rastriya Samachar Samiti.

Religious and cultural festivals have been contributing to keep social unity, goodwill and religious tolerance intact by further strengthening national unity, he said.

"May the Christmas Day inspire all to find a path towards progress by assimilating the cultural unity and collaboration."

December 25 is internationally marked every year as Christmas Day.