War-hit face food shortage

Kohalpur, September 24:

About 216 people, who moved out of their homes in western and far-western regions of Nepal due to conflict and have been living in Kohalpur, have been facing an acute shortage of food. They have been staying at a base camp in Jharena-3 of Kohalpur. Asked why they were not returning even after the Maoists announced a unilateral ceasefire, they said they could not believe the Maoists since they had not lived up to their words in the past. With the festival of Dashain approaching, the displaced people have been finding it almost impossible to dress their children in new clothes and offer them good food. The displaced people are from the districts of Mugu, Jumla, Kalikot, Bajura, Dailekh, Surkhet, Jajarkot, and Salyan.

As most of the youngsters have left the camp to look for jobs in India, senior citizens have been left to fend for themselves and young children.Krishna Singh Budha (55) is staying with children after young members of his family left for India to look for jobs. The chief district officer of Banke, Binod Kumar Adhikari, said the local authorities were committed to assisting the victims of conflict.