Ward office issues living woman’s death certificate

Rautahat, August 25

It has come to light that a man has managed to get death certificate issued from ward office of his living mother in a bid to avoid paying the loan taken from a local money lender in Garuda Municipality-9, Rautahat.

Meghu Gosai, 50, had been able to get death certificate issued from ward office of his mother Parbatiya devi, 90.

Gosai had taken loan showing his mother’s land.

It is learnt that ward chair, ward secretary and other staffers had colluded to issue the death certificate of the elderly woman, who is still alive.

Ward office had issued the certificate on May 2 stating that the nonagenarian had died on April 27.

The death certificate bears signature of ward secretary Basudev Chaudhary while ward chair Rajesh Sahani had recommended for the issuance of the certificate.

Ward chair Sahani said Gosai had tricked him into transferring three kathha and five dhur land registered in his mother’s name to his daughter’s name with a motive of not paying the loan. It is learnt that Gosai had planned to transfer the land first in his name and then to his daughter’s name and avoid paying the loan.

Ward chair Sahani admitted mistake and pledged to annul the death certificate. Sahani clarified that they could not recognise all the people of the ward as the ward was big.

Local social worker Raj Kumar Das Tatma said Gosai had been able to provide citizenship certificate to Arjun Giri of India’s Motihari projecting him as his son. Tatma also said that the citizenship was issued in collusion with ward chair Sahani.

Tatma demanded a stern action against ward chair Sahani for his involvement in unlawful activities. A case has been filed against Sahani at Rautahat DAO, Tatma said.

Rautahat CDO Govind Prasad Rijal said that his office was preparing to investigate into the incident.