Water flow in Narayani River causes alarm

Nawalparasi, July 23

Water level increased at an alarming level in the Narayani River on Saturday following incessant rainfall in Nawalparasi.

The increased water level has put the people living in Gandak area of the district at high risk of flood.

Given the increased flow of water in the river, the local administration today drew the attention of Nawalparasi residents to possible floods and urged them to remain safe and alert.

A number of villages, including Tribeni Susta, Paklihawa, Guthi Prasauni, Pratappur, Narsahi, Gaidakot, Pithauli, Kumarwarti and Kolhuwa in the Gandak region are at the risk of flood.

Meanwhile, the flood water that had inundated Parasi bazaar decreased to some extent today.

The local Jharahikhola River had flooded Parasari bazaar.

While the locals have started returning to their homes with the receding water level, collection of damage details of private houses and government offices incurred due to the flood is under way.

Nepali Congress Nawalparasi distributed relief materials to the flood victims of Sunwal today.

District Red Cross Office and Natural Disaster Rescue Committee are slated to distribute relief to the flood victims tomorrow.